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Imagine walking in a retro style shop, the vibe is upbeat & welcoming, beaming in bright colors with eye catching items from the floor to the ceiling. You hear old tunes through the speakers; familiar and soothing to your ears.........
                                  Welcome to Strawberry Lane!
         Since 2014, we have been dedicated to bringing something for everyone. 
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Natural Life products are the main theme and brand of items you will see throughout the store. The Natural Life vision is to create inspirational treasures with a free spirit style. Our natural Life table is filled with irresistible sentiment gift items with the message "Give and Live Happy!"

For “The Beatles” fan or the Beatles fan on your shopping list, we have a “The Beatles Nook”, which displays an array of the Beatles everything.... from Beatle pick earring to Beatle- book ends! We have a large variety of merchandise to choose from!

As you move along through the store, you will see the wall is covered in clocks.......colorful, slightly eccentric and whimsical styles and themes! They are hand painted, cast resin pendulum clocks; sure, to make you smile and possibly mesmerize you into taking one home!

Strawberry Lane carries oodles of Woman clothing, lots of retro, swing dresses, pinup and many other different styles for every shape.

Wait! There is more ….cool shirts for guys, a section of children clothing, vintage rock t-shirts, hand crafted jewelry and shelves with gift items of classic movies, television shows, legend idols and lot of memories of the past

Located in the Heart of Galena, Illinois... 

Strawberry Lane is one of the many stores located on main street in the original historic buildings. As you go in and out of stores you will find one of a kind items in shops along your path. You will also see restaurants, wineries, trolleys passing, 1900 century buildings and a long staircase you can challenge yourself to........if you are ready to climb 191 stairs! You will also be walking past locations where scenes from the movie classic “‘Field of Dreams” was filmed. One of the magical scenes where Moonlight Graham stood on the street talking to Kevin Costner took place in front of our building!

So, take a ghost tour, theatre play or mystifying magic show but be sure to visit Strawberry Lane! If you are one of our customers-we look forward to seeing your friendly, smiling face again!

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